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  Ever-Power Co., Ltd. is a professional and elaborate valve in Wenzhou areaWorm gear boxThe company has strict management, and realizes institutionalization, proceduralization, standardization, and the combination of design and production. It is an enterprise integrating production, sales and service.The quality of its products has a high reputation in the hometown of valves.
  Based on many years of experience and the continuous improvement of valve product usage requirements by domestic valve users, comprehensive information resources
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Marine short flange worm gear box and worm butterfly valve valve Jie Rui
Marine short flange worm gear box worm butterfly valve Ever-Power specific product model and details, please call for consultation!Material: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, forged steel, bronze, brass, aluminum alloy
7 characteristics of worm gear reducer
The 7 major features of worm gear reducer 1. Worm gear reducer motor is a high-tech, high-tech mechanical equipment. It has a helical gear and a worm gear box and worm combined for integrated transmission to improve the torque and efficiency of the machine. 2. Surface of worm gear reducer
Analysis of aluminum worm gear box
 Application of aluminum worm gear box: butterfly valves, ball valves, and plug valves that rotate 90° to open can be applied to this aluminum worm gear box.Structural features of aluminum worm gear box: &nbs
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